What to Do if You Are in Debt: A Guide for Illinois Residents

What to Do if You Are in Debt: A Guide for Illinois Residents
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Last updated: July 2009

What to Do if You are in Debt

When you owe money, you are in debt. Debt is a problem for people when they end up owing much more than they have or earn. This guide is designed to give you some basic information about credit, problems to watch out for and your options if you are in debt. It is not legal advice. When you are in debt beyond your means, it is always best to talk to a lawyer. Lawyers are trained in what the law says about your problems, what your legal options are, how to help you decide what’s best for you, and how to present your case in the best way. If you want to talk to a lawyer, search "Helpful Organizations."

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How to Use this Guide

What are Credit reports and Credit Scores?

I'm in Debt.  What Should I Do?

How Do I Stop Creditors or Collection Agencies from Bothering Me?

What Can Creditors Do if Collection Agencies are Unsuccessful in Collecting the Debt?

Can my Government Benefits Be Taken to Pay for a Debt?

What Do I Need to Know if I Have Certain Types of Debt?

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Legal Assistance: How Do I Get Help?

Sample Letters

Appendix:  What Out for These Tricks, Scams and Practices

Helpful Organizations
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