A Guide to Collection of Judgments in Cook County at Daley Center
Information about how plaintiffs and defendants can negotiate the complex process of judgment collections at the Daley Center

Am I Entitled to a Written Estimate before a Body Shop can Start Repairs on My Car?
Explaining the way car estimates are given

Avoiding Fraud in Home Repair and Improvement
Explains how to avoid being cheated when making improvements and repairs to your home

Buying and Selling a Home Video
This training is about basic issues regarding buying and selling a home

Buying on Credit
Information about your rights and obligations when you buy something on credit

Can I Cancel a Contract within 3 Days?
Describes how a contract may or may not be canceled.

Can I Recover Money for Damages without Suing?
Explains the limited options outside of court that you have to recover money someone owes you

Can I Sue Someone for an Owed Debt If the Agreement Was Not In Writing?
Describes how to collect money lent without a written agreement

Contract for Deed Home Buyers' Rights and Obligations
This article explains the rights of home buyers who buy a home with a contract for deed versus home buyers who take out a mortgage loan

Derechos y Obligaciones de los Compradores de Vivienda: “Contract for Deed (Contrato de Escrituras)”
Explica los derechos de los compradores de vivienda que compran una vivienda con un contrato de escrituras en comparasión con los compradores de vivienda que toman un préstamo hipotecario.

Disabilities Guidebook: The Sale of Hearing Instruments
Information about the Hearing Instrument Consumer Protection Act and consumer protections when buying hearing aids and hearing instruments

Empezar un Negocio de Franquicia Guide Me [HTML Version]
Describe los pasos y las consideraciones necesarias para crear una franquicia

How Can I Avoid Check Scams?
Information about bad check scams and how to avoid them

If a Minor Child Buys a Car, Can He Return It?
Information on the way that age affects a contract

If I Order Something Online, When Must It Be Delivered By?
Explains different shipping policies when you order online, as well as when you can get a refund on what you ordered

Is an Oral Contract to Buy a Home on a Rent-To-Own Basis Enforceable?
Explains how an oral contract to buy a home on a rent-to-own basis may be enforceable

Is There a Limit on How Long a Credit Card Company Can Try to Collect From Me?
Describing the different statutes of limitations for credit card debt

Mi Carro Fue Embargado Guide Me [HTML Version]
Información acerca de lo que puede hacer si un acreedor le quita su coche

Navigating Small Claims Court in Cook County, Illinois PDF
Information about suing someone for $10,000 or less.

Protéjase de las Estafas de Rescate Hipotecario
Información sobre como reconocer y como protegerse de estafas de ejecució de hipoteca, así como información sobre las protecciones que tiene bajo la Ley Contra Fraudes de Rescate Hipotecario (Illinois Mortgage Rescue Fraud Act)

Senior Citizens Handbook - Your Rights as a Consumer
Information about consumers' rights, including home improvement scams, telemarketing scams, open-end credit scams, door-to-door sales, phone slamming and credit cards


If a Minor Child Buys a Car, Can He Return It?
Information on the way that age affects a contract

What Is The Difference Between Leasing And Buying A Car?
Important information about the difference between leasing and buying a car.

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