Senior Citizens Handbook - Detailed Table of Contents

Senior Citizens Handbook - Detailed Table of Contents

Last updated: July 2010

Introductory Materials
     A Message for People Caring for Senior Family Members
     A Message for Advocates
     Understanding the Legal References in the Handbook

Chapter 1 -- Financial Assistance
     Chapter Overview
     Emergency Help
     Social Security
     Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
     Food Stamp Program
     Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD)
     General Assistance (GA)
     Veteran's Benefits

Chapter 2 -- Health
     Chapter Overview
     Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefits
     Pharmaceutical Assistance Program:  Illinois Cares Rx
     Health Insurance

Chapter 3 -- Decision-Making
     Chapter Overview
     Guardianship of Adults
          Court Appointed Guardians
          Alternatives to Guardianship
     Financial Decisions
          Powers of Attorney
          Joint Bank Accounts
          Living Trusts
          Representative Payees
          Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program
     Health Care Decisions
          Power of Attorney for Health Care
          Living Wills
          Mental Health Treatment Preference Declaration
          Health Care Surrogate Decision Makers
          Do Not Resuscitate Orders
     Wills, Trusts and Estates
          Taking Your Estate Through Probate Court
          Small Estates
          Owning Property in Joint Tenancy

Chapter 4 -- Personal and Long Term Care
     Chapter Overview
     The Community Care Program (CCP)
     Nursing Homes
          Choosing a Nursing Home
          Financial Assistance
          Residents' Rights
     Assisted Living and Shared Housing
     Supportive Living Program

Chapter 5 -- Family Matters
     Chapter Overview
     Marriage and Divorce
          Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
          Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage/Annulment
          Legal Separation
     Grandparents and Grandchildren
          Custodial Arrangements
          Illinois Family Caregiver Support Program
          Financial Assistance
          Other Issues

Chapter 6 -- Housing Rights
     Chapter Overview
     Renters' Rights
          Security Deposits
          Housing Conditions
          Lease Terminations and Evictions
          Subsidized Housing
          Mobile Home Parks
          Housing Discrimination
          Circuit Breaker Program
     Homeowner's Rights
          Predatory Loans
          Reverse Mortgages
          Mortgage Foreclosure
          Tax Sale
          Equitable Indemnity
          Real Estate Tax Deferral
          Other Tax Advantages
     Circuit Breaker Property Tax Relief for Homeowners and Renters

Chapter 7 -- Consumer Affairs
     Chapter Overview
     Your Rights as a Consumer
          Home Improvement Scams
          Telemarketing Scams
          The Do Not Call Registry
          Open-End Credit Scams and Door to Door Sales
          Phone Slamming
          Advice about Credit Cards
     Public Utilities and LIHEAP
Chapter 8 -- Personal Rights
     Chapter Overview
     Protection from Abuse and Neglect
          Elder Abuse and Neglect Act
          Illinois Domestic Violence Act
          Criminal Laws
          Where to Get Help
     Age and Disability Discrimination
          Employment Discrimination
          Housing Discrimination
          Other Discrimination



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