Utility Shut-off

Utility Shut-off

Last updated: December 2004

Reasons for disconnecting your service

  • Your bill was not paid.
  • The deposit or increased deposit amount was not paid by the due date.
  • You benefited from the tampering with company equipment.
  • The deferred payment agreement was not kept.
  • Access to company equipment was denied.
  • Hazardous health and safety conditions exist.

The utility's responsibilities

When considering shutting off your service, the utility must:

  • Mail you a Final Notice 8 days before service shut-off or deliver the Notice 5 days prior to disconnection.
  • Not shut off service after 2 p.m. unless it is prepared to reconnect service the same day at the regular reconnection charge.
  • Not shut off gas and electric service to residential heating customers if the National Weather Service predicts 32° temperatures or less for the next 24 hours.
  • Not shut off service to a residential customer if the utility company has received a valid illness certificate.

Disconnection of utility service in the winter

December 1 to March 31: Before shutting off service to residential heating customers, the utility must once during the winter months:

  • Notify you by telephone, in person, or first class mail, that service may be shut off.
  • Offer a deferred payment agreement for past due bills and a level payment plan for future bills.
  • Provide information on government or private agency assistance.
  • Not shut off service for at least 6 business days after notifying you of possible disconnection.

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