Prisoners' Rights: Request to Produce Documents, Part II

Prisoners' Rights: Request to Produce Documents, Part II
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Last updated: October 2004

Sponsors: Illinois Institute for Community Law
Illinois Legal Aid Online
Date: Monday, October 4, 2004
Speakers: James Chapman, Illinois Institute for Community Law

In prison cases, because of their felony convictions, the plaintiff-prisoner, as well as prisoner witnesses, lack credibility in the eyes of the jury or judge.  It is imperative, as a consequence, to establish the plaintiff's case, as much as possible, from prison documents.  This principle takes at least two approaches: documents that are produced and those not produced.  The latter are just as important.  Under prison regulations, correctional officers must generate certain types of reports when unusual incidents occur or when they enter a prison tier and so on.  If those documents are not produced (they were not generated), the credibility of the officers will be affected.

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IDOC Memo Department Rule Part 504 BMP 489.6KB
Discipline and Grievances BMP 486.4KB
Sample Committed Person's Grievance Report BMP 485.8KB
Sample IDOC Final Summary Report BMP 487.6KB
Sample IDOC Incident Report BMP 484.4KB
Sample IDOC Medical Progress Notes BMP 475.4KB
Sample IDOC Memo re Inmate Incident Inquiry BMP 472.2KB
Sample Illinois Administrative Code Title 20 Part 504 - Discipline and Grievances BMP 485.8KB
Sample Inmate Injury Report BMP 485.9KB

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