Prevent Shut Offs Due to Hot Weather

Prevent Shut Offs Due to Hot Weather

Last updated: February 2009

A state law passed on August 1, 2008 to protect Illinois residents from the dangers of hot weather year round. The law prevents your power from being cut off if the “official”  national weather forecast says the weather will be 95 degrees or hotter. The power can’t be shut off any time within 24 hours after a scheduled shutoff or over the following weekend or holiday. This saves you and your family from the dangers of extreme heat.

This law applies to all public utilities in Illinois except for co-operatives and city utilities. The exceptions include companies like Mid-American in the Quad Cities and Mount Carmel Public Utility Company. Mid-American already has a policy to keep power on when the temperature is over 100 degrees.

If your power company wants to disconnect your service and the law doesn’t apply because it isn’t too hot or too cold, the company must give you notice and offer a deferred payment plan before shutting off your power.

A deferred payment plan lets you pay off your past due amount while staying current on your new energy bills. The plan gives you more time to pay and keeps your power on. If you miss another payment on this plan, the power company has to give you one chance to catch up on your agreement before shutting off your power.

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