Erasing Overdue Child Support through Project Clean Slate

Erasing Overdue Child Support through Project Clean Slate
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Last updated: June 2016

Note:The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution Act and Paternity Act changed on January 1, 2016. The most up-to-date information can be found in the following articles: Parentage (formerly Paternity), Divorce, Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (formerly Custody), Parenting Time (formerly Visitation), and Child Support.

Clean Slate Program

If you are a Non-Custodial Parent and you owe past due child support to the State, the Clean Slate program may help you erase the amounts you owe. The Clean Slate program from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services helps Non-Custodial Parents reduce the amount they owe to the State while encouraging them to make their current support payments to their family.

What kinds of past due payments can be erased?

The Clean Slate program can help you erase the past due child support payments and interest that you owe to the State of Illinois. The Clean Slate program will not erase or reduce the amount of past due child support payments you owe the custodial parent. The Clean Slate program will not stop or reduce the child support payments that you have to make in the future.

If you want to learn more about how you can reduce or stop future child support payments, please visit our article about Changing Child Support Payments.

How do I qualify to have my child support debts erased?

In order to qualify to have your past due child support debts erased with the Clean Slate program, you must be able to prove that you did not pay your past child support because:

  • you were unemployed,
  • you were in prison, or
  • you had a serious illness which prevented you from making your payments.

You will have to provide documents proving that you were unable to make your past child support payments, such as:

  • a letter from your former employer stating when your employment ended
  • tax returns or other income statements,
  • a statement from a social service agency, or
  • a statement from the Department or Corrections.

You must also show your current income or your current ability to pay.

If I qualify, will I have to make future child support payments?

Yes, the Clean Slate program only erases past due child support payments that are owed to the State of Illinois. In order to have these debts erased, you must make your regular ordered child support payments for 6 months. Once you make your support payments, the debt owed to the State will be permanently removed.

Under the program you will have to agree to continue to make future child support payments and also make payments toward past due child support that you owe to the other parent. 

How do I get more information and an application for the Clean Slate program?

To get more information about the Clean Slate program or to request an application visit Child Support Services: Clean Slate Program or call your local office below. 

  • Aurora: 630-844-8986
  • Belleville: 618-277-1657
  • Champaign: 217-278-3273
  • Chicago: 312-793-8222
  • Joliet: 815-740-3061
  • Marion: 618-993-7801
  • Peoria: 309-671-3100
  • Rockford: 815-987-7190
  • Springfield: 217-558-4000

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