Required Court Forms for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Required Court Forms for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Last updated: January 2010


Required Forms-Actual, Instructional, and Sample

Below you will find Actual, Instructional, and Sample forms.

Actual Forms

The Actual forms are the forms you can download and fill out to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. These are the only forms you should file with the court. DO NOT FILE the Instructional or Sample Forms.

Instructional Forms

The Instructional forms are the forms slightly shrunken on the page, with notes in the margins to tell you in plain English what they are and how to fill them out. They will also have certain areas crossed out because those areas do not apply to pro se chapter 7 debtors. You do not need to cross these areas out on your own forms; just leave them blank. Remember Do Not File Instructional Forms - only use them to help you fill out your forms.

Sample Forms

The Sample forms are the forms filled out to provide you with an example of how your forms might look after you are finished. The Sample forms use the fictional name "Jane Anne Doe," along with fictional dates and amounts. You may have to fill in more information than the Sample forms, but they can help you understand how your forms might look. Remember Do Not File Sample Forms - only use them as examples to help you fill out your forms.


Click the following links to view Actual, Instructional, and Sample forms required for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

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