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Automatic Stay

Chapter 7
Change in law, liability to debtor, property liens

Chapter 11

Chapter 13
Change in law, liability to debtor, property liens

Collection Proof Debtor

Debt Management Counseling

Liability to debtor after filing for bankruptcy, change in bankruptcy law, property liens

Property you can keep in bankruptcy, filing for bankruptcy, collecting from someone in bankruptcy

Other Bankruptcy
What bankruptcy is, what debts are covered, different types, how and when to file


General Information
Refunds, exchanges, identity theft, senior issues, general consumer guide

Car repairs, warranties, loans, insurance, automobile repossession

Debt collection, collection abuse, wage garnishment, property (other than car) repossession

Credit Access

Credit Practices/Credit Reports
Building & fixing credit reports, buying on credit, credit reporting agencies, identity and credit card theft

Door To Door Solicitation/Home Solicitation Sales
Reducing unwanted phone calls, mail and email, how to get on the Do-Not-Call Registry

Identity Theft
How to avoid identity theft, what to do if someone steals your wallet

Student Loans, personal loans, pay day loans, predatory lending

Other Consumer
Who is entitled to ask for your Social Security number, how you can protect your identity

Small Claims Action
Filling out small claims forms, small claims court hearings

Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
Avoiding fraud and deception, hospital bills, home repair contractors, seniors' rights

Public Utilities/Energy

General Information

Demand for Deposit

Dealing with gas and electric companies, formal complaints, winter rules

Energy Assistance
Help with paying gas and electric bills, LIHEAP, help for seniors

Dealing with gas and electric companies, formal complaints, winter rules

Lifeline Services
Medical disabilities

Other Public Utilities-Energy
Consumer rights, establishing service, taking care of disputes, and LIHEAP


Rights as a telephone customer, formal complaints

Termination of Utility Service

Utility Rates

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