Going to Court

Going to Court

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Civil Procedure/Administrative Law

General Information
Court procedures, manuals, video trainings

Administrative Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation
Representing yourself, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Appealing a final judgment in your case, motions to vacate

Class Action
Types of class actions, notice of class actions


Court Costs
Amount of court costs, how to get court costs waived


Delay in Processing



Due Process

Default judgments, enforcement of judgments

Asserting your right to a jury, electing not to have a jury, jury selection and jury duty


Other Civil Procedure/Administrative Law
Information on going to court, evidence in court and court procedure


Lawsuits, naming the defendant

Pro Se
Small claims court, traffic court, eviction court, mediation, self-help resources

What mediation is, when you should use it, how it works

Res Judicata

Service of Process
How to get the defendant into court, being sued

State Rules of Civil Procedure

Statutes of Limitation
Time limits on lawsuits, products liability


General Information

Administrative Hearing Evidence

Authentication and Identification

Documentary Evidence

Other Evidence

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