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Video Library

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Law Basics Video Series

While going to court is never easy, these videos help prepare people for the court process from beginning to end. These short videos are designed to help people who are going to court without lawyers.  Law Basics Video Series

Mortgage Foreclosure Video Series

Mortgage foreclosure is the sale of your house by your lender when you do not make your loan or mortgage payments. This video series gives information on avoiding foreclosure, the foreclosure process, and foreclosure rescue scams. 
Mortgage Foreclosure Video Series

The Chicago Bar Association Law at the Library Series

A free legal information series focusing on today's hot legal issues. Each Law at the Library program features a presentation by an experienced attorney, followed by a brief question and answer session.

Accidents & Injuries
Lawsuits, personal injury, property damage, suing someone, being sued

Arts & Entertainment
Copyright, publishing, producing, contracts

Civil Rights
Rights to privacy and medical records, criminal law, searches and seizures

Consumer Law
Automobiles, bankruptcy, credit, debt collection, small claims court, utilities, insurance, identity theft

Criminal Law
Your rights during a criminal investigation, right to a lawyer, victim's rights, how to clear a criminal record

Disability discrimination, medical benefits, Rehabilitation Act, protections, services

Special education, school records, student loans, school disciplinary actions, discrimination, fees

Family Law
Adoptions, child support, custody, divorce, domestic violence, paternity, visitation

General Resources
People affected by natural disasters, lawyer issues, self help information, representing yourself

Going to Court
Representing yourself, small claims court, remedies, court costs, judgments, appeals

Health Care
Health insurance, Power of Attorney, Medicaid, Medicare, nursing homes

Federal housing programs, homeownership, housing discrimination, landlord/tenant law

Human Rights
Economic and cultural rights, family integrity, non-discrimination

Asylum, USCIS procedures, Visas, U-Visa, T-Visa, VAWA

Auto licenses, gun licenses

Life Planning
Guardianship, powers of attorney, estate planning, probate, wills

Management & Operations
Management issues, operations, staff training, LSC issues, communications, and marketing

Pro Bono Practice
court rules on pro bono, pro bono support, being a volunteer

Pro Se Delivery
Access to justice, advice desks, legal self help centers, trends in pro se delivery

Public Benefits
Food stamps, Social Security/SSI, veterans/military, welfare

Senior Citizens
Guardianship, powers of attorney, trusts, wills, health care, benefits programs, insurance, housing, consumer, discrimination

Small Business
Forming and dissolving businesses, non-profits, economic development, entrepreneurship

Income taxes, Earned Income Credit, property taxes

Accessibility, Technology & Delivery of Legal Services, Training Resources, Technology Tips and Tools

Traffic laws for motor vehicles, traffic court, how to contest traffic tickets

Veterans' Issues
Benefits for veterans and their families, medical assistance, and protections for military service members.

Voting, Voting Rights Act, Voting Systems, Districting

Employment discrimination, employment law, collecting unemployment and workers compensation