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by Anonymous, Jul 16, 2018
This guest blog was written by Alyssa Phillips, a lawyer with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.There are laws that protect the educational rights of homeless children. The main federal law is called the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (MVHAA). It requires school districts to provi... More
by Jane Nagle, Jul 09, 2018
This guest blog post was written by Jane Nagle, a lawyer in Wheaton, IL.Generally speaking, you cannot "discharge" (wipe out) your student loans through bankruptcy. However, sometimes you can. You must prove that paying back the debt would cause you and your dependents an extreme financial ha... More
by Tobias Franklin, Jul 02, 2018
This guest blog post was written by Tobias Franklin, NextGen Innovation Fellow at the ‎American Bar Association.The answer to this question often depends on how far your eviction has progressed, and whether you pay all the rent due or a partial amount. We’ll talk about the different steps of a... More
by Jane Nagle, Jun 25, 2018
This guest blog post was written by Jane Nagle, a lawyer in Wheaton, IL.Some debts are cancelled, or discharged, in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, while others are not. Below is a list of common debts and how they are treated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.Credit card debtCredit card debt can be discharged... More
ILAO table at the 14th Annual Expungement Summit
by Amy Clark, Jun 20, 2018
On June 2nd, ILAO volunteered at the 14th Annual Cook County Expungement Summit at Kennedy-King College. This is an important public service event that helps thousands of people every year expunge or seal their criminal records, giving them the opportunity to move on from the past and face a b... More
by Jane Lombardi, Jun 18, 2018
This guest blog was written by Jane Lombardi, the Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services at Erie Neighborhood House in Chicago.Your green card (legal permanent resident card) is proof of your legal status in the US. But, what happens if you lose your card? Below I detail the steps ne... More
poster of woman
by Dennis Rios, Jun 11, 2018
With the recent ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois, we wanted to share some ideas...I attended the 3rd Annual Modern-Day American Worker Conference, organized by Legal Assistance Foundation (LAF). This year the focus of the conference was on women and the obstacles and inju... More
man using calculator at work
by Staff atILAO, Jun 04, 2018
This guest blog post was written by Aimee Gendusa-English, Lead Community Service Liaison at the Citizens Utility Board of Illinois. In my years at the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), I have probably talked to thousands of people in this predicament. It may be something that you find on your cre... More
two women brainstorming ideas at an office
by Staff atILAO, May 16, 2018
This guest blog post was written by Lisa A. Copland Gordon, a lawyer in Chicago.It depends.When you apply for a home loan, a bank’s primary concern is whether you can and will pay your mortgage. The actual home is collateral for the loan. If you do not make your payments, the bank can take the... More
man standing outside court house
by David Yen, May 08, 2018
This guest blog post was written by David Yen, a bankruptcy attorney at LAF.If you are in financial trouble, you should find out what your options are as soon as possible. Bankruptcy might be one of the options that you consider.But bankruptcy is a drastic step, and the decision to file for it... More