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May 2015

Drupal MadCamp 2015
by Samantha Kyrkostas, Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
Gwen and Samantha representing our two Dev. departments at Drupal MADCamp in March. We've spent quite a bit of effort distinguishing between our two Development teams (the fundraisers and the techies) of late. At first, it just seemed like one of those cumbersome distinctions that we had to ma... More
Kan Ban Board Example
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
We have a great content team here at Illinois Legal Aid Online. Each individual has distinct, valuable skills and expertise that have made it possible for us to create some pretty cool and user-friendly resources. Yet we have struggled to harness each individual’s contribution to collectively... More
by Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
One of the primary advantages of having a completely custom content management system and an in-house developer has been the ability to get things "exactly how we want." As we move to Drupal, we are building largely off of Drupal core and contributed modules. One reason for deciding to switch... More