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August 2015

by Andrew Sharp, Jul 27, 2016
I love board games, and one of my favorite things to do is explain the rules of a game to someone who has never played. Especially when the game is complex, like Risk, it can be difficult to cover all of the rules without overwhelming the person, at which point people usually opt to do a “pra... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Hi, Nick here. I am just finishing up my tenure as a Law student summer intern at ILAO. Before I head out, I wanted to share a few thoughts about what it's been like to spend the last few months as part of the ILAO team. Being an intern at ILAO means…working with a great group of peopleworking... More
by Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
It's very early on Saturday morning and I'm sitting in my hotel room at the Country Inn & Suites in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Why Iowa, you ask? For DrupalCorn, of course! DrupalCorn is one of many local/regional Drupal camps that brings people together to talk about, learn, and improve Drupal... More