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February 2018

senior woman comforting man with depression at home
by Samira Nazem, Stephanie Ridella Vittands, Feb 21, 2018
This guest blog post is by Samira Nazem of the Chicago Bar Foundation and Stephanie Ridella of the Center for Disability and Elder Law.Watching a loved one struggle with mental illness can be very challenging, and it’s good that you want to get help for your loved one. Fortunately, Illinois la... More
A hand with a pen filling out tax forms with a calculator in the back
by Staff atILAO, Feb 08, 2018
This guest blog post was written by Molly DiRago, an attorney in Illinois.The Invest in Kids Act was signed into law in 2017 in Illinois. It lets taxpayers get a tax credit for donating to scholarship organizations. The organizations must give money to elementary and high school students whose... More