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Technology, I Am No Longer Afraid

By Stephanie Villinski on April 07, 2015

I have been struggling to write this blog post for the past few days. And, it finally dawned on me why. I let the tech world intimidate me once again.

There is a thing that happens to us “non-tech” people. First of all, most of us don’t choose to work in the tech field. Those of us who somehow stumbled into it can often experience what I will call “tech paralysis.” What is "tech paralysis," you ask? It can be recognized by that deer-in-highlights stare when tech people start talking tech. (In more acute cases, this progresses to a complete glazing over of the eyes.) The joy that tech people have when they talk about this stuff is a thing of wonder. Accompanied by their deep interest in Star Wars and Star Trek, they are truly bound into an even tighter-knit community.

Yet, I digress. I think many of us in society are guilty of putting up a wall to technology. We say that it's “too hard” or “overwhelming” when things go beyond the basics. I was one of these people and I can still fall into this trap sometimes (as evidenced by this tech blog post). I still find myself wondering: Why would anyone want to read my tech blog post? How I am on a development team for a website rebuild that has entered its Twelfth Sprint?

Agile this, Scrum that. And yet, here we are in our twelfth sprint and no one has yet asked me to leave the team nor have I started a Dungeons and Dragon league or started hanging posters of code in my office. Similar to my last blog post on yoga and scrum, there is a balance.

What I really want to do here is let you in on a secret. Are you ready for it? Techies and the world that they inhibit are not as daunting as they appear! Through the process of building the next generation of our website, I've learned that I can now understand every 5th rather than every 10th word that they are saying - and, more importantly, I have learned that every 5th word is sufficient! Also, sometimes these tech folks like to make you think things are harder than they are. I can’t fault them, I am a lawyer after all and that is what my livelihood is based upon.

At the end of the day, whether Drupal, HTML (my tech vocabulary is impressive, right?), the new website launches March 31, 2016 and I pledge to get to work and stop being intimated.

From your favorite formerly tech-averse ILAOBuilds team member,