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Volunteer Week Continues

By Staff atILAO on April 19, 2018
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Our appreciations of ILAO volunteers on #NationalVolunteerWeek continue

Hongru Sun
LiveHelp operator (Chicago)
Why she volunteers: "Frankly speaking, at first I did it in order to meet the requirements of the NY bar application. But later I realized that it makes me so happy to help others using what I've learned in law school. It's my privilege to be one of the ILAO team and thank you so much for providing me with the platform to do volunteer work and invest time into social connections. It's just so meaningful! To some extent, using what we've learned in law school to make a contribution to the world is almost the whole point of legal education.”
What's your day job? A law student at University of Chicago Law School
Favorite legal movie: 12 Angry Men

Chris Massie
Free Legal Answers Volunteer (Chicago)
Why he volunteers: "Illinois Legal Aid Online makes it incredibly easy for me to answer questions about the online format and the excellent attorney resources. With the automated form system, I know that after I respond to a client, they will get the help they need to fill out the forms accurately and achieve their objective in at court. The best thing of all is I can answer the questions whenever my schedule allows. I highly recommend volunteering to any lawyer that has a busy schedule but still wants to have an impactful pro bono practice. This has led me to take on a couple of adoption cases through CVLS to keep building my family law knowledge."
What's your day job? Banking Associate at Chapman and Cutler
What's a fun fact we may not know about you? I am going to attempt the Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2018, for the first time!

Jane Nagle
Legal Content Volunteer (Schaumburg, Illinois)
Why she volunteers: "I believe volunteering is a crucial part of being an attorney. It is important to give back to the community in which I practice and help those that may not always be able to afford legal representation. Court and the legal process can be very intimidating for someone that is unfamiliar with it, so having access to free legal resources is critical. I volunteer to help people get better results than they might otherwise be able to get without legal assistance."
What's your day job? Associate Attorney at Kollias & Giese, P.C. I focus primarily in the areas of domestic relations and consumer debt. Trained Guardian ad Litem with the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court.
Favorite things to do: Playing with my French Bulldog rescue, cook, travel, and try new restaurants in and around Chicago.
What's a fun fact we may not know about you? I auditioned for the reality show "Masterchef" during law school and made it to the second round of testing.

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