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keys and a notice of foreclosure
by Daniel Lindsey, Jan 29, 2018
This guest blog post is written by Dan Lindsey, Director of the Consumer Practice Group at LAF. A reverse mortgage (also called a “Home Equity Conversion Mortgage,” or a “HECM”) is a special kind of mortgage. You as the homeowner are given money based on your age and the value of your home. Yo... More
by Gwen Daniels, Jan 24, 2018
Earlier this month, I took part in what was at least my 11th TIG conference - now renamed LSC Innovations in Technology Conference or ITCon (but it will always be "TIG" to me). During one session, I talked about Illinois Legal Aid Online's Victims of Crime portal and why we framed it around su... More
by Andrew Sharp, Jan 16, 2018
It's 3:45am when the screen's reflection flashes on the man's dark sunglasses with a green confirmation message: "Access granted." With a smirk, he lowers his hood slightly, cracks his knuckles, and goes to work harvesting the data he just worked so hard to break into. "They will never know wh... More
An image of a clock for those who need to make time to volunteer
by Teri Ross, Dec 27, 2017
Like many Illinois attorneys, I recently completed my ARDC registration. Like you, I had to answer “Mandatory Pro Bono Information” questions. In particular, this one -Well, honestly (as my mother used to say), who wants to answer ‘No’ to that? There must have been something I’d done that I co... More
image of state capitol building in Springfield Illinois
by Staff atILAO, Dec 19, 2017
Many laws were passed in Illinois in 2017 that take effect January 1, 2018. Some of them are listed below, with a link to more information where applicable. Laws are listed by their House Bill (HB) or Senate Bill (SB) number. Family & SafetyHB2388 - Sets up a database of licensed child car... More
by Amy Clark, Oct 01, 2017
Did you know that October 1st is the second busiest moving day in Chicago? (only May 1st is busier). While finding bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and moving help (either professional movers or friends who work for pizza and drinks), are high on many to-do lists at this time of year, many peopl... More
by Lisa Colpoys, Sep 14, 2017
Illinois Legal Aid Online and Road To Status are excited to announce a FREE service for Dreamers who need to prepare their DACA Renewal Applications by the October 5th deadline.Our goal is to provide necessary help to thousands of people in Illinois who need to file their DACA renewals in the... More
by Anonymous, Apr 05, 2017
I didn’t know what to expect before starting research as part of the Victims Legal Assistance Network (VLAN), a pilot demonstration project funded by the Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime to Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services.I knew that I would be observing an... More
by Samantha Kyrkostas, Mar 06, 2017
We are thrilled to announce that Meredith Ritchie, Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer of Alliant Credit Union, will chair Illinois Legal Aid Online’s 7th Annual Fundraising Benefit, to be held at 5:30 pm on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at SPiN in downtown Chicago. This event... More
by Nicole Capretta, Mar 03, 2017
What do you get when you combine a client in need, a website, an attorney, a laptop, and a law student? An ultra-productive opportunity for service, networking, and learning!In October 2016, Illinois Legal Aid Online launched the Legal Answers’ website (IL.FreeLegalAnswers.org), aiming to incr... More