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by Gwen Daniels, Sep 15, 2017
We did something this sprint we've never done before: we added stories specifically for the Product Owner. That's not a typical move for a scrum team to make, but we're not like most development teams. Most Scrum teams are made up of developers working on software features. We've got that, b... More
by Natanya Pope, Sep 15, 2017
Hi! I’m Natanya, I work with the legal experts who help to keep ILAO’s content accurate and up-to-date. For me, ILAO is like one big input/output machine, the purpose of which is to process content and churn out bundles of legal information and tools for users who are looking for answers to sp... More
by Samantha Kyrkostas, Sep 15, 2017
Samantha here. I've got to tell you: there has been a lot going on at Illinois Legal Aid Online of late. I mean A LOT. From a stakeholder's perspective (which is the hat that I wear in this tech transformation project), it seems like the Dev team has really hit its stride. In fact, it kind of... More
by Gwen Daniels, Sep 15, 2017
Last week I laid out a vision for online intake; this week I'm going to talk about triage. In our current website, triage is simply a pre-screener for online intake. It is a program-based tool, designed exclusively to determine if a user's legal problem falls within Program A's legal prioriti... More
by Teri Ross, Sep 15, 2017
Product Owner Teri Ross here. Development Director Samantha Kyrkostas suggested the title of this blog after I wrote it. I had to look it up (what did we do without the internet?). It is an old adage used in carpentry. Reduce waste by ensuring your measurement is right. As an organization with... More
by Gwen Daniels, Sep 15, 2017
On August 19, I gave a presentation at the Fox Valley Drupal meetup to talk about content management workflows in Drupal. It was a co-presentation with fellow meetup member, Jason Bell of Start Interaction. I thought I'd recap the presentation here and share what ILAO is building to manage i... More
by Anonymous, Sep 15, 2017
Hi everyone, Sara here. I just had my one year anniversary at Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO), and I’m celebrating with my first blog post.Other than crashing a few scrum meetings, I’m typically not on the product development team. My role at ILAO is to write our grants, manage our Young Prof... More
by Andrew Sharp, Sep 15, 2017
I love board games, and one of my favorite things to do is explain the rules of a game to someone who has never played. Especially when the game is complex, like Risk, it can be difficult to cover all of the rules without overwhelming the person, at which point people usually opt to do a “pra... More
by Anonymous, Sep 15, 2017
Hi, Nick here. I am just finishing up my tenure as a Law student summer intern at ILAO. Before I head out, I wanted to share a few thoughts about what it's been like to spend the last few months as part of the ILAO team. Being an intern at ILAO means…working with a great group of peopleworking... More
by Gwen Daniels, Sep 15, 2017
It's very early on Saturday morning and I'm sitting in my hotel room at the Country Inn & Suites in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Why Iowa, you ask? For DrupalCorn, of course! DrupalCorn is one of many local/regional Drupal camps that brings people together to talk about, learn, and improve Drupal... More