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by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Hi All, it’s Stephanie. This is now my third post and I have a confession to make: every time I have to write one, I wait until the last minute and I put up a fuss (mostly within myself, but some external) about it. A few of my ILAO colleagues are probably laughing by this honest revelation.... More
by Jessica Gavlin, Jul 27, 2016
Jessica Gavlin here, ILAO's Finance Director. My job is to act as the principal financial adviser for ILAO ensuring the organization is in compliance with applicable accounting regulations. In honor of today marking the start of our new fiscal year, I was asked to contribute to the rebuild b... More
by Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
June 30th marks the end of Illinois Legal Aid Online's fiscal year.For all of us here, that means a resetting of goals for the next year and a chance to reflect on the past year. This year has been full of changes and in many ways these changes have opened up a host of new opportunities for m... More
by Dennis Rios, Jul 27, 2016
Birthdays are serious business, especially if (like me) you take pride in the art of gift-giving. Before buying a gift, you need to know what the birthday boy/girl likes, right? I tend to be very practical when it comes to gifts. I want to be sure it is going to be used and not just accepted w... More
Drupal MadCamp 2015
by Samantha Kyrkostas, Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
Gwen and Samantha representing our two Dev. departments at Drupal MADCamp in March. We've spent quite a bit of effort distinguishing between our two Development teams (the fundraisers and the techies) of late. At first, it just seemed like one of those cumbersome distinctions that we had to ma... More
Kan Ban Board Example
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
We have a great content team here at Illinois Legal Aid Online. Each individual has distinct, valuable skills and expertise that have made it possible for us to create some pretty cool and user-friendly resources. Yet we have struggled to harness each individual’s contribution to collectively... More
by Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
One of the primary advantages of having a completely custom content management system and an in-house developer has been the ability to get things "exactly how we want." As we move to Drupal, we are building largely off of Drupal core and contributed modules. One reason for deciding to switch... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
I have been struggling to write this blog post for the past few days. And, it finally dawned on me why. I let the tech world intimidate me once again.There is a thing that happens to us “non-tech” people. First of all, most of us don’t choose to work in the tech field. Those of us who somehow... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Early in March the ILAO Builds Dev team hit a rough sprint. IllinoisLegalAidOnline.org, our organizational website, died taking our tech director’s time for half of the sprint (that’s right, she completely rebuilt a site on a new platform in a week, our tech director rocks!), our team was atta... More
by Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
Hi, Gwen here again. Just getting back after 4 days at MADCamp. MADCamp is the Chicago-area Drupal conference, with over 300 attendees ranging from folks who work on Drupal core, long time PHP/Drupal developers, themers, site builders, and brand new members of the Drupal community, from folks... More