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Steven Johnson, Where Do Good Ideas Come From?
by Teri Ross, Jul 27, 2016
Dear Dev Team: As you know, I spent two days last week at Product Owner School. It was an informative and humbling experience. As with many meaningful educational experiences, I discovered just how little I knew about what I was doing and how much more there is to learn. Apologies to you for n... More
by Lisa Colpoys, Jul 27, 2016
Hi, Lisa Colpoys here. As Illinois Legal Aid Online's Executive Director I oversee the work of all aspects of the organization, including vision-setting, strategic planning, communications, fundraising, board engagement, and program services. I've got a really excellent job that is (almost) a... More
Ad-hoc usability testing
by Samantha Kyrkostas, Jul 27, 2016
Greetings from snowbound Chicago! Samantha Kyrkostas here, Development Manager (the fundraising kind) at ILAO. My role in building the next generation of our websites and services is a little different from others you've heard from before on this blog. I am a Stakeholder, which means that I ca... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Hello, Stephanie Villinski here. I'm ILAO’s legal content manger for IllinoisLegalAdvocate.org and IllinoisProbono.org. I am also a certified instructor and student of yoga. You may be asking why I mention my “yoga credentials.” Well, it's because the more I serve on the ILAO development team... More
by Gwen Daniels, Jul 27, 2016
Last week marked the 15th anniversary of the Legal Services Corporation's annual Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) conference. I've had the good fortune to attend many of these over the years, including the early ones in Chicago, the Great Ice Storm TIG of 2007, and each of the last four year... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Hello, everyone. In August, I (KaLeena Dixon) joined the Illinois Legal Aid Online team as the Legal Content Volunteer Coordinator. In a nutshell, I am helping ILAO expand and maintain a strong network of Legal Content Volunteers. Our volunteers are legal professionals and substantive expert... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Chris Alfano here, ILAO’s Interactive Content Coordinator and ScrumMaster on our project to build the next generation of ILAO's website products. So far you’ve heard from our Product Owner and Development Team; now, I’d like to share my experiences as ScrumMaster, the team’s facilitator and pr... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Can you feel my excitement?! A few weeks ago our fearless product owner, Teri, stated that in order to create loyalty in our users, we need to “give them meaningful tools wrapped in a great experience”. Lindsay then followed up with a little insight as to how we are working to streamline and i... More
by Anonymous, Jul 27, 2016
Friday marked the end of our very first two-week Scrum sprint. As a result, we have the first iteration of our user registration form, as well as some adminstrative tools to manage users, which we will demo for our staff Stakeholders on Tuesday morning. At the meeting, we will show them how w... More
by Anonymous, Jul 26, 2016
For over 13 years, ColdFusion has been a great language for ILAO. And I've had a great career as a CF developer for longer than that (since version 4.5). It has allowed me to build some really cool things quickly. Some at ILAO would (and have) called it a dead language. I disagree a bit but... More