Obtenga Ayuda Legal


Marshall Public Library

Legal Self-Help Center amenities

  • Computers & Internet:

    Internet-connected computers available for public use

  • Internet inalámbrico:

    Access to wireless internet

  • Online court forms:

    Court forms and legal papers available online, including those at IllinoisLegalAid.org

  • Formas de papel de la corte:

    Paper court forms available

  • Online legal info:

    Online legal information available for viewing, emailing, printing, sharing, etc.

  • Folletos o paquetes de información legal :

    Brochures or packets of legal information available

  • Online referrals to legal help:

    Referrals to free and paid legal help available through IllinoisLegalAid.org

  • Referrals to legal aid:

    Referrals given to legal aid programs that provide free legal help to low-income people who qualify

  • Personas que ayudan a encontrar información en IllinoisLegalAid.org:

    Someone can help you find free legal information and court forms on IllinoisLegalAid.org

  • Personas que contestan preguntas generales de cómo asistir a la corte :

    Someone can answer basic questions about going to court.

  • Impresoras:

    Printers available to print legal information and court forms

  • Escánares:

    Scanners available to make digital copies of paper court forms, for emailing or e-filing

  • Programas de abogados en la biblioteca :

    Volunteer lawyers give free advice for some legal issues at scheduled times and days

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Marshall, IL 62441
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This center offers:

Computers & Internet
Computers & Internet
Online court forms
Online court forms
Online legal info
Online legal info
Online referrals to legal help
Online referrals to legal help
Website navigator
Website navigator


  • Printing costs:
    $0.20 per page
  • Navigation help is provided during open hours

This center does not provide:

  • Paper court forms
  • Printed legal info
  • Referrals to legal aid
  • Court navigator
  • Scanners
  • "Lawyer in the library" program