Calendar of Events


CBA Legal Aid Committee


  • The Chicago Bar Association
  • The Chicago Bar Foundation


Thursday, January 11, 2018 -
12:15pm to 1:30pm


The Chicago Bar Association
321 S. Plymouth Ct.
Chicago, IL 60604



Highlights from the Field – Significant Cases, Policy Changes, and Issues of 2017

Chicago legal aid organizations work hard representing many clients each year and their work is often unheralded. In addition, individual legal aid attorneys often don’t have the opportunity to learn about important cases, policy changes, or new developments at other organizations as quickly as desirable. This month’s program provides a forum for organizations to share their successes from 2017 and learn about the important work their peers are doing. The Legal Aid Committee will spotlight 2017 accomplishments in two ways: first, the Committee will put together a handout that includes the highlights submitted by various legal aid organizations; second, a few representatives from these organizations will briefly describe cases or accomplishments from their organizations and why you as a legal aid attorney might be interested in learning about them.