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Disability Rights Consortium at Equip for Equality - Trauma Informed Advocacy


  • Equip for Equality


Wednesday, September 27, 2017 -
9:30am to 11:00am


Equip for Equality
20 N Michigan, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60602



Disability advocates often work with clients who have endured traumatic events that impact their ability to work, go to school, attend appointments, "comply" with medical advice, and feel safe. By understanding trauma and how it presents in clients, advocates can better respond to and advocate for their clients. Trauma-informed practices benefit all clients by eliciting more information, creating a more trusting relationship with the client, and empowering clients following representation. This session will provide practical tools for advocates to provide trauma-informed services, to incorporate trauma-sensitive arguments into their work, and to adapt their environment and systems to account for client trauma and advocate secondary trauma.

A captioner will be present for the meeting. If you need another accommodation, please contact Barry Taylor at by 9/20. You can participate by webcast at: