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Equip for Equality seeks applicants for post-graduate fellowships


Equip for Equality


20 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60602



Equip for Equality, a disability rights legal organization, is seeking applications for Equal Justice Works and Skadden Fellowships. The Fellowship would be with EFE's Civil Rights Team and must fall within one of the following areas: disability discrimination, community integration, abuse and neglect, or self-determination. Interested applicants must submit an application by 8/1. Applications should be submitted to Barry Taylor at

Funding information

  • We will help law students/grads find external funding if needed.
  • We will accept applications from law students/grads who do not have funding.

About the organization

In order to be eligible for EFE services, an individual must be a person with a disability and have an issue that arises in Illinois.

Callers seeking assistance from EFE should contact EFE at (800) 537-2632.

Callers will be asked to provide some demographic information, a summary of their specific request for services, and other intake related questions. Each request for service is subsequently discussed with EFE's legal team, which meets once per week, to determine if EFE is able to provide the request for services or assist the caller in some other way. If EFE is unable to assist the caller, the caller will be provided with information and referrals to other appropriate organizations.



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