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Staff Attorney, Family Law


  • Community Activism Law Alliance


17th N. State
13th Floor, Suite #1380
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CALA is looking for 2 staff attorneys with genuine interest in community lawyering, connecting the law with grassroots activism, and being part of a new legal services model. The attorney will have three primary responsibilities: 1) staff one of CALA’s community law offices once a week, 2) handle family or housing cases across CALA’s various programs, and 3) practice one additional area of law for which CALA offers services.

CALA uses its model, "community activism lawyering," to unite lawyers and activists to collaboratively help underserved communities access justice and pursue social change. Through these partnerships, CALA creates “community activism-law programs” within and co-operated by communities. CALA accomplishes its two principal objectives at once: provide cost-effective legal services to underserved individual clients and help our activist partners achieve broader social change. Through our work, CALA seeks to change not only how the legal aid system operates but also how lawyers and activists work together.

The starting salary range is $47,500-$60,000 and will be commensurate with experience, qualifications and salary history—and is negotiable, with an anticipated salary increase in July 2018. Benefits include medical and dental insurance, travel reimbursement, generous paid time off, coverage of professional fees. 403(b) plan-matching and bonuses are also available, contingent upon annual fundraising.

CALA is an equal opportunity workplace and is committed to working closely and effectively with the communities that we serve. Individuals self-identifying as people of color, LGBTQI, socio- economically diverse, persons with a disability, or as otherwise having backgrounds and experiences underrepresented in the legal profession are highly encouraged to apply.


Candidates should have at minimum 2 years of experience in housing or family. Candidates must be willing to adapt to CALA’s community-located, community-operated, and community-directed model and be comfortable working independently in a fast-paced environment. They must also be prepared to work some non-traditional hoursevenings and the occasional weekend dayand in non-traditional, multiple locations; in exchange, they are afforded great flexibility in work schedule. Preference may be given to applicants who are fluent in Spanish or Arabic.

About the organization

Community Activism Law Alliance (CALA) unites lawyers and activists in a collaborative pursuit for justice by leveraging legal services to benefit the most marginalized communities and individuals. CALA is changing legal aid. We are changing how lawyers and communities work together. Our lawyers work with activists to help their communities access justice and pursue social change.