Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Cook County Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program


Chicago Volunteer Legal Services


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Volunteer attorneys represent homeowners in the Cook County Foreclosure Mediation program. Volunteers advocate for the clients' desired outcome in the negotiation and mediation processes only and do not file any pleadings or attend any court hearings. Volunteers first contact clients for an in-person or telephone interview, then contact the lender's attorney to attempt to negotiate a settlement before the actual mediation. If no solution is reached, volunteers attend and negotiate on behalf of the borrower. If an agreement is not reached, subsequent sessions may be required.

An in-person or recorded 3-hour training is required. CVLS also provides manuals and other ongoing support as needed.

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Daniel Santrella at cvls@cvls.org or 312-332-7521.

About the Organization

CVLS stands by you if you are being sued or facing foreclosure. We're here when you need a bankruptcy, a will or power of attorney. If you want to adopt, need a divorce or guardianship, have a landlord-tenant problem or want help with immigration, we can help. Our volunteer attorneys give you equal access to justice with understanding and dignity - all totally free and on an individual basis.

CVLS accepts clients whose income is up to 175% of the Federal Poverty guideline. CVLS is an organization of over 2,300 volunteer attorneys who donate free legal services to thousands of low-income Chicagoans annually. Our services are free, accessible and real.