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Draft Qualified Domestic Relations Orders in Divorce Cases


Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.


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Prairie State staff and pro bono attorneys handle hundreds of divorce cases each year, many involving survivors of domestic violence. While most of these cases involve little or no assets, Prairie State occasionally handles divorce cases in which Prairie State's client is entitled to a portion of the spouse's pension. This pension income is critical to Prairie State's low-income clients, many of whom have delayed work outside the home to raise children or because of an abusive situation. In these cases, Prairie State staff and volunteers often lack the expertise to draft the required QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) or QILDRO (Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order).

Prairie State seeks volunteer attorneys to draft QDROs and QILDROs in these cases. No court appearances or travel is necessary; Prairie State will handle entry of the order. Attorneys must have experience with QDROs.

About the organization

Prairie State Legal Services offers free legal services for low income persons and those over 60 who have serious civil legal problems like domestic abuse, eviction, foreclosure and public benefits and need legal help to solve them.

We have 11 offices covering 36 counties in northern and central Illinois. Our Administrative Office is located in Rockford, IL.The mission of Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. is to ensure equal access to justice and fair treatment under the law by providing legal advice and representation, advocacy, education, and outreach that serve to protect basic human needs and enforce or uphold rights.