Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Spanish Translation Volunteer


Illinois Legal Aid Online


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Illinois Legal Aid Online seeks volunteers fluent in Spanish to complete English-Spanish translations for our website, www.Illinoislegalaid.org. If you are interested in helping the Latino community and learning more about Public Interest Law, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. As a Volunteer Translator, you will be helping to increase access to justice for those with Limited English Proficiency in Illinois (LEP).

Volunteers can participate from any computer with internet access. You do not need to have any prior legal knowledge or experience, and you will receive training, supervision, and support from Illinois Legal Aid Online. Volunteer Translators will translate content from English to Spanish which, after review, will be posted on our Spanish website and available to the public. Volunteers are expected to volunteer for a period of 6 months, averaging about 2 translations a month, or until they have translated a total of 20,000 words.

About the Organization

Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) puts the law within reach for all, regardless of income or location. As the statewide legal services technology center, ILAO streamlines the delivery of free and pro bono legal services to lower-income Illinois residents, and delivers easy-to-understand legal information and help to those who can't afford a lawyer.

ILAO's mission is: to increase access to justice for lower-income and vulnerable Illinois residents through the innovative use of technology to assist and educate the public and to train and support legal aid providers and pro bono attorneys.

Illinois Legal Aid Online's programs provide essential legal services and support 24/7 to legal aid and pro bono attorneys, pro se litigants and lower-income individuals and families through its website.


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