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Representation of Clients with HIV/AIDS in Various Legal Proceedings


Legal Council for Health Justice


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Volunteer attorneys with experience in the subject matter handle all aspects of cases for clients with HIV/AIDS in areas including immigration, Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, employment discrimination, consumer credit, probate, insurance matters or social security. While the facts and the process of each case will vary, these cases typically involve some or all of the following litigation activities: client interviewing and counseling, drafting pleadings or other legal documents, conducting written and deposition discovery, and motion practice.

LCHJ does not conduct regular training programs and relies heavily on volunteers with experience in the subject matter. We can provide back-up support in immigration and Social Security matters and basic support in all other areas.

About the organization

The Legal Council for Health Justice serves economically disadvantaged people in Cook County who: (1) are HIV+, living with AIDS, or perceived as such; (2) have HIV/AIDS-related legal claims; and (3) have annual household income under 300% FPL.** We offer counseling and direct services related to the following issues, when they are related to HIV status:

  • Public benefits
  • Medicaid, Medicare
  • Employment discrimination
  • Immigration
  • Returning to work
  • Confidentiality/testing violations
  • Health care provider discrimination
  • Health, life, long-term disability insurance
  • Guardianship, standby guardianship, adoption
  • Housing discrimination
  • Bankruptcy, debtor-creditor issues
  • Wills/powers of attorney

** Income limits are flexible.
We may represent individuals with higher incomes if they are unlikely to afford private counsel.

There are no income limits for people with HIV whom we can advise with a brief telephone consultation.