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Volunteer Staff Attorney


Access Living




Volunteer staff attorneys work in our office, become part of our legal staff, and are involved in all aspects of our legal work. They manage their own caseload, with appropriate supervision. On their cases, volunteer staff attorneys interview client(s), investigate cases, communicate with opposing parties, draft demand letters and other correspondence, draft pleadings, negotiate, etc. They also attend staff meetings, participate in case review and strategy meetings, assist with intake, etc.

Volunteer attorneys are assigned to their own desk area, have their own computer and phone, are incorporated into our e-mail system, etc.

For this opportunity, the volunteer must commit to a minimum of 16 - 20 hours per week for three months. This is a significant commitment; however, the rewards are many, as the volunteer enjoys a lot of responsibility and gains tremendous experience.

About the organization

Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago is a cross disability organization governed and staffed by a majority of people with disabilities. Its Civil Rights Team enforces federal, state and local civil rights laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities.

The Team counsels persons with disabilities about their civil rights and provides representation in cases implicating important disability rights issues. Cases focus on access to housing, government services, and public accommodations (e.g., businesses).