Site FAQs


What if my comment is flagged?

We use a flag system to help our users moderate what types of comments appear on our site. When someone flags one of your comment depends on a few factors.

First, how many people have flagged your comment?

  • If fewer than three people flag your comment, then someone at Illinois Legal Aid Online will probably review the comment to decide if it violates our Terms of Use.
  • If three or more people flag your comment, it might automatically be considered a violation of our Terms of Use.

Second, how many violations have you had?

  • 1st offense: Your comment will be evaluated and may be deleted. You'll be alerted via a warning email.
  • 2nd offense: Your comment could be deleted, you could receive a second warning email, and your account could be suspended for up to 72 hours. You won't be able to post comments during this time.
  • 3rd offense: Your comment could be deleted, your account could be permanently disabled, and you would no longer be able to post comments.

Please see our Terms of Use for more information. If you think your comments were flagged by mistake, please Contact Us.