Glossary beginning with N

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The process of becoming a citizen in a country where a person was not born a citizen
When a person acts with less care or caution than a regular person would have in the same situation

When someone is not careful in protecting the rights and property of others

Net Income
Income after tax has been taken out
Nominal damages
A very small amount of money awarded when a court finds in favor of one party but finds that no real harm was done
Non-wage garnishment
Taking a defendant's money that is in the hands of other parties, like a bank
Noncustodial parent
The parent that does not have primary care or control of a child
Notary public
A person who certifies that another person signed a document. A notary is not an attorney
Notice of motion
A document that gives notice to the court and the other party that someone has filed a motion, and where and when that motion will be heard