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Free online legal service goes bilingual
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - March 3, 2017
Spanish speakers in Illinois now have 24-7 access to more than 300 articles, videos, and interactive forms for free, understandable legal information, thanks to the new Spanish-language version of Illinois Legal Aid Online. ​

Illinois Legal Aid Online earns praise as the best website of its kind in the country
ABA Journal - March 2017
If Oscars were awarded for legal aid, Lisa Colpoys might be working on her acceptance speech.

Free Virtual Legal Advice Service Starts
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - October 19, 2016
Illinois Legal Aid Online launched a virtual legal clinic Tuesday as part of a nationwide effort backed by the American Bar Association to improve access to justice.

New Illinois Legal Aid Online website serves legal professionals, consumers
Illinois Bar Journal - October 2016
By consolidating its five websites and removing duplicative content, ILAO has managed to create a one-stop website for laypersons and lawyers alike.

ILAO Legal Answers: New Online Program Increases Access to Legal Help
Illinois Lawyer - September 23, 2016
A new program at Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) will not only eliminate barriers to accessing legal services, but also barriers for attorneys to do pro bono work.

Illinois' Legal Aid Tech Hub Gets a New Platform
CBF Sidebar - August 2016
Back in 1999, when planning for the project that would become today’s Illinois Legal Aid Online first began, the state of technology was quite a bit different than today. Computers were just starting to become common on lawyers’ desks, and large numbers of people did not have access to computers in their homes.

Got a question? Here's someone with answers - and opinions
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 4, 2016
Q: What type of pro bono work can an associate perform? A: Great question! The short answer is any kind you want. Licensed lawyers can perform any type of pro bono work they are competent in under Illinois Professional Rule of Responsibility 1.1. The comments to this rule reveal that a lawyer “need not necessarily have special training or prior experience to handle legal problems of a type with which the lawyer is unfamiliar.

Can a website redesign increase access to justice?
Crains Chicago Business, August 2, 2016
An Illinois nonprofit that connects the public with accurate legal information has revamped its decade-old website to make it easier for people who can't afford lawyers to answer questions about divorce, housing and other legal problems.

Spotlight on Pro Bono: Legal Answers program delivers help to those who need it
Illinois Lawyer Now, April 25, 2016
The legal system is scary, confusing, and nearly impossible to navigate without an attorney. Yet every year millions of people in Illinois face serious legal problems on their own because they can't afford to hire a lawyer

Is Increased Technology the Answer to Shrinking the Justice Gap?
Legal Tech News, April 8, 2016
According to the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), New York University School of Law and more, an estimated 80 percent of low-income individuals and households eligible for legal aid have their needs unmet.

Seniors receive legal aid boost with new grant
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, November 6, 2015
Two legal aid nonprofits are partnering to expand power of attorney and other advance directive services for low-income seniors through a grant from the Legal Services Corp.

Tech support: Effort to expunge goes digital
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 28, 2014
ILAO launches ExRec texting campaign to raise awareness about the negative impact of juvenile criminal records and provide subscribers with information on how to erase them.

Site gives more help to Spanish speakers
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, November 13, 2012
Illinois' rapidly growing Latino population can seek further assistance in tackling civil legal problems through new tutorials and resources added to AyudaLegalIL.org

Madigan Announces $620,000 Grant From National Foreclosure Settlement Funds For Online Legal Aid Resources
www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov, October 18, 2012
Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that $620,000 in funding will go to Illinois Legal Aid Online to develop web-based resources to assist Illinois homeowners and legal professionals.

Legal Aid Group Marks Its 50,000th Live Chat
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, July 25, 2012
When Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) launched a live chat service on its website three years ago, Executive Director Lisa A. Colpoys said she felt stunned by the number of website visitors who immediately began using the service.