Are you a victim or a survivor of crime?

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What is a crime victim?

A crime victim is anyone who has suffered harm to body or mind, damage to things, or loss of money because of a crime.

Am I a victim if I did not report the crime?

Yes. If you did not report the crime, you are still a crime victim and may need support services to deal with the effects of the crime. Many victim services will be available to you whether or not you reported the crime to the police. But, you may have access to more support services if you report the crime to law enforcement.

What are the different types of crimes?

Crimes can be violent or non-violent. Violent crime is one in which a person uses or threatens to use aggressive force against another person. Examples of violent crimes include:

  • Using a gun, knife or other weapons
  • Punching someone 
  • Raping someone

Non-Violent crime is any crime that does not involve the use of force or cause injury to another person. These types of crimes may include using or stealing another person’s money or belongings. Examples of non-violent crimes include:

  • Identity theft - someone stole your identity and pretended to be you
  • Wage theft - you were not paid what you earned
  • Exploitation - someone is taking advantage of you for your money or property

How do I know if I am a victim?

The 'Are you a victim?' tool will help you figure out whether you are a victim. Talking to a lawyer is always best. This tool is not meant to be used in place of a lawyer.

To see if free legal help is available, try Get Legal Help

I am a survivor or a victim of crime. What now?

Many services exist for people who are survivors of crime. As a survivor, know that getting through the trauma of crime takes time. Your needs may also change over time. It is important to get the help you need


Are you a victim?