Survivor Stories

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Survivor Stories

Gun violence

My cousin's death won't be for nothing - Dantae
Cousins and roommates, Dantae and Derrick, were involved in a shooting. Derrick was killed; Dante was seriously injured. Dante struggled with physical recovery and dealing with the police. The shooting also had a major impact on his family. They struggled to pay for healthcare and housing costs, until they got help. Learn more

Domestic abuse & sexual assault

How could someone I love hurt me so much? - Ana
Ana and her 3 children are safe from the abuse of her husband, but it was not an easy road. She felt unsure about taking action against her husband, a man she loved and who was the father of her children. But when Ana began to fear for the safety of herself and her children, she decided to get the help that she needed. Learn more

Elder abuse & neglect

I didn't know who to trust or where to go for help - John
To not be a burden on his only son, John, a 92-year-old retiree, had a personal caretaker. When his caretaker quit the agency and began working directly for John, his behavior changed. The caretaker started asking John for more money, neglecting John's care and verbally abusing him. John needed help. Learn more

Human trafficking

Before I knew what was going on, they wouldn't let me go anywhere or do anything - Maria
Maria needed money for her family. She was offered temporary employment and promised good wages if she was willing to leave the country temporarily. When she arrived in the U.S., her employer took her visa and passport. She was told where to live and was not allowed to contact her family. Eventually, Maria escaped. Learn more